Say Cheese

This is part of a series of posts I am going to do about my favorite purveyors of food in the DC area.  We get most of our ingredients from these folks and we’ve developed friendly relationships with some of them which is an added bonus to us because it makes it more enjoyable to visit them.


getting artistic with an iPhone and a lap full of cheese

We often find ourselves shopping at Cheesetique in Del Ray (Alexandria, VA).  I used to not be a cheese fan.  It wasn’t that I was anti-cheese, it’s just that my pre-wife experience with cheese revolved around Kraft Singles, Velveeta and string cheese.  In fact, when I was in college and wanted to make a fancy appetizer before dinner I would put pieces of Kraft Singles on Ritz crackers, microwave for 20 seconds and serve!  Yeah, I was high class.  Then my wife came along and opened my mind to a world of dairy goodness.

So back to Cheesetique – it’s part cheese shop and part wine & cheese bar.  My wife loves meeting her girlfriends at the bar there to catch up (and whatever girls do when they get together… my guess is talk about make-up and designer boots).  My preference is the store in the front.  First, the staff are always friendly and 100% not pretentious about the cheese.  They offer great suggestions and always offer samples to help you with your purchase decision.  The cheese selections themselves always have a short description next to them that I find very helpful.  “Made with Guinness” = “I’ll take that one” in my world.  All of these things are all big pluses for those of us that aren’t down with our cheeses.

We tend to always pick 3 cheeses to take home with us.  We’re big fans of cheddar so that’s always 1 of the 3.  We then like to try to pick one soft cheese (goat cheese FTW!) before picking a third for the trifecta.

I suggest making the trek to Del Ray and trying them out.  If you’re coming in from DC you can make it a trip by eating at Cheesetique or one of the neighboring restaurants for lunch or dinner.

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